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Why 0800 Website?


0800Website is South Africas Newest online business directory listing South African businesses daily! Unlike other online directories, 0800Website is home-brewed and locally hosted, focusing on businesses in your area.

Anyone can list their business on 0800Website for FREE, along with their contact details, products and services.

By listing on 0800Website you widen the opportunity of directs sales towards business and create inquiry opportunities!

Benefits listing on 0800website.co.za:

0800website, like other online search directories (hotfrog, gumtree and easyinfo) is an online listing portal - listing South African businesses and their services. Visitors have the opportunity to view all listed business categories for services in their area or list their own business. 0800website also maps your business in the area you reside using GPS coordinates.

Benefits for your business using 0800website:

· If you have a website, it generates traffic to your website - Why... Because of numerous inbound links offered by 0800website, this directory ranks favourable, meaning in plain terms that your listing can rank high on Google, if sufficient keywords were used.

· Because of stern competition in the website world, any assistance out there to link your website to a better ranked website is as good as gold.

· You may enter as many business entries as you like on 0800website and also refer someone. (all entries pending approval before publishing)

· You may optimise your listing by seeing to it that you enter specific keywords and descriptions of your business to draw better search engine rankings.



Important Notice: All entries to this website are free! You may enter as many businesses as you wish. Once entries are made, it can not be removed.